Kanishk Kacholia

Hello, I'm Kanishk!

Here's a portfolio of my career!


My Education

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Fall 2021 - Present

I am currently a honors student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities pursuing majors in Computer Science and Data Science with minors in Geographic Information Systems and Business Management.

    algorithms & data structurescomputational linear algebramachine architecture

Eastview High School

Fall 2017 - Summer 2021

I graduated from Eastview High School in the summer of 2021. During my time I took a courseload of primarily STEM topics.

    multivariable calculusobject oriented programmingprobability & statistics

My Experiences

DCSG Undergraduate Researcher

Spring 2023 - Present

Researching the improvement of Distributed Computing Systems under the guidance of Professor Chandra and Professor Weissman.

    javascriptchakra uinextjsreactaws ec2azure blobgitvercelacademic paper writingdistributed systems

Quantum Computing Incorporated

Summer 2021 - Spring 2023

Analyzing the efficiency of new quantum solvers on old problems and creating modern solutions to modern problems.

    pythondjangostreamlitnumpypandasseabornaws elastic beanstalkaws quicksightaws rdsgitquantum formulationquantum machine architecture

My Projects

Gopher Grades Version 2

Fall 2022 - Present

Gopher Grades V2 is a grade transparency tool that is designed to assist students at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities make smarter choices when registering for classes and choosing professors.

    javascriptpythonchakra uinextjsreactnumpypandassqlalchemygitvercelbig datafeature engineering


Spring 2023

ALY Is a tool created during Carlson's Analytics for Good hackathon designed to provide the non-profit Good Acre a dashboard capable of managing and predicting orders for farmers.

    javascriptpostgresqlpythonchakra uifastapinextjsreactnumpypandassqlalchemygitbig datadata modelingfeature engineeringmachine learning

My Activities

Science and Engineering Student Board

Fall 2021 - Present

To provide resources, support, community, and advocacy for students and student groups by fostering a network of leaders within CSE and between colleges.


Fall 2021

Bringing together diverse groups of students to solve challenging problems for local businesses.