Kanishk Kacholia

The Science and Engineering Student Board (SESB)

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Last updated: November 27th, 2022

Science and Engineering Student Board

Fall 2021 - Present

To provide resources, support, community, and advocacy for students and student groups by fostering a network of leaders within CSE and between colleges.

    Academic Affairs Sub-Director

    Fall 2021

    Worked with the student populous, the committee I represent, the overall SESB leadership team, and the administration to implement reforms to academically benefit students at the University. Collaborated with many internal groups such as the executive team to help host several events designed to increase participation and involvement within the College of Science and Engineering. I also proposed several ideas and events that serve this purpose.

    Academic Affairs Director

    Spring 2022

    Continued my work similar to my sub-director role, however, with the added responsibility of communicating with other officers and directing recruitment towards my committee. Completed the planning for a larger event designed to be hosted in the Fall of 2022. Communicated with the administration as to any changes being implemented regarding academics at the University.

    First Year Initiative Director

    Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

    Spearheaded the formulation of several recruitment strategies in place to gather the attention of new and incoming students to the University. Worked extensively with all internal committee leaders and executive leaders to better promote and engage students with participation as leaders for change on campus. Currently working on providing new students engagement and leadership opportunities both within the University as well as outside. Helping engage students with influential people on campus such as administration and the deans. Overseeing their work in producing new ideas and strategies which will better the lives of students and faculty here on campus.


    Communications Director

    Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

    Currently onboarding to this position.